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Developer Linux News for Jun 23, 2001

  • IBM developerWorks: Unix's lessons for component architectures (2001-06-23 20:00:24)
    IBM presents a series of lessons from UNIX history. Basically, you're supposed to remember the UNIX past in order to avoid repeating it.

  • gnome-utils released (2001-06-23 18:00:17)
    Gnome-utils, the "Badger spleens" release, is now available. "What is gnome-utils? Well as the name would suggest these are GNOME utilities. They're the stupid little programs that are part of every desktop. And some that aren't part of every desktop."

  • LinuxProgramming: Python 2.0.1 released (2001-06-23 17:00:16)
    Guido van Rossum announces the release of Python 2.0.1: the final release of the first Python version in a long time whose license is fully compatible with the GPL.

  • SiliconValley.com: Microsoft makes pitch to developers (2001-06-23 15:00:53)
    The real key to Microsoft's success has been its continued ability to woo developers. This article details how Microsoft is maintaining relationships with these developers in light of increased competition from Linux and Java.