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Developer Linux News for Jun 27, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: Gnome-- 1.2.0 (2001-06-27 22:00:36)
    "Gnome-- provides C++ wrappers for the gnome-libs widgets, such as GnomeApp, Canvas, Dialog, Druid, MDI, MessageBox, etc."

  • GNOME: Gnumeric 0.66 available (with Bonobo as default) (2001-06-27 21:30:05)
    "This is a _development_ release. Although the code is stable, packages will definitely need work to cope with the switch to Bonobo. It is possible to build without Bonobo (--without-bonobo), and will continue to be possible for the foreseeable future."

  • Linux Journal: Moneydance Personal Finance Manager review (2001-06-27 21:00:52)
    Stew Benedict reviews Moneydance Personal Finance Manager, a personal finance manager package, much like Quicken, but it's written in Java. It runs on a number of platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

  • Kernel Cousin Debian Hurd #96 by Paul Emsley (2001-06-27 20:30:18)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • LinuxProgramming: Bonobo 1.0.6 released (2001-06-27 20:00:19)
    "This release is a load of small fixes and some nice UI acceleration work from Alexander that should speed up Nautilus window opening noticably."

  • 15 Seconds: Microsoft Joins Corel to Develop Shared Source C# (2001-06-27 17:00:27)
    Microsoft details how it will release a shared-source implementation of C# in conjunction with Corel. Note: the implementation will be designed for FreeBSD and Windows.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac19 (2001-06-27 15:57:29)
    Multiple updates in the latest -ac release of Linux 2.4.5.

  • ZDNet: .Net to support Linux? (2001-06-27 12:45:55)
    While the idea isn't new, there's new evidence to support the notion that Microsoft may support Linux with .NET: apparently the second beta of Visual Studio .NET supports Linux as a target platform. This article doesn't indicate that Visual Studio .NET itself is being ported to Linux: rather that there may be a Linux .NET runtime out there somewhere against which software can be built using the Visual Studio .NET tools.