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Developer Linux News for Jul 08, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: GPL Mumps Compiler available (2001-07-08 16:00:19)
    "Mumps (sometimes called M) is a language from the late 60's used widely in medicine. We have developed a GNU GPL version of Mumps that translates Mumps code to C for subsequent compilation. The compiler itself is covered entirely by the GPL license and the run-time support routines that are incorporated into the compiled programs, by the LGPL."

  • GUI-Lords.org: Interview with Shawn Gordon of theKompany.com (2001-07-08 15:00:00)
    Shawn Gordon, whose company is one of the more aggressive purveyors of desktop software in the Linux/Open Source space, answers a slew of questions from GUI-Lords.org. Among the topics: why he chose KDE over GNOME as a development platform, how he plans to compete with proprietary offerings, and why theKompany.com uses both Open Source and proprietary licenses.