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Developer Linux News for Jul 11, 2001

  • MaximumLinux.org: Delphi 6/Kylix Review (2001-07-11 23:15:13)
    With a few exceptions, says this review, Kylix is everything a Delphi developer could want, providing anyone with skill in the former a remarkably easy start in the latter. Unfortunately, there are also a few missing components.

  • theKompany.com Release Aethera Beta 4 with Enhanced IMAP4 Support (2001-07-11 21:30:19)
    "theKompany.com is pleased to announce the long awaited fourth beta (version 0.9.3) of our Aethera Messaging and Groupware client for KDE. New releases will start to come much more frequently."

  • KDE Project Releases Developer FAQ (2001-07-11 20:52:43)
    The KDE Project has released a FAQ for would-be developers. Written by KDE developer David Faure, the file includes links to assorted project coordination pages, tips for non-developers, information about how to handle core files, how to get CVS access, and more.

  • TechWeb: Microsoft Gives Blessing To Open-Source .NET, But Analyst Smells A Rat (2001-07-11 18:25:12)
    Though Microsoft's apparently pleased with Mono, calling it a "ringing endorsement of .NET," IDC's Dan Kusnetzky isn't feeling horribly sanguine about the project, saying it's mostly good for Microsoft, which will reap the PR rewards of looking inclusive as its case continues to work through the courts.

  • Heise Online: "Adobe wants to agree with KIllustrator author" (2001-07-11 16:32:55)
    Heise Online is reporting that Adobe, while still requiring a name change for KIllustrator, will not be seeking damages. A link to the article and a translation within.

  • SGI XFS 1.0.1 released (2001-07-11 15:45:48)
    SGI's XFS 1.0.1, a journaled filesystem, has been released with a collection of bugfixes.

  • Linux 2.4.7-pre6 Released (2001-07-11 14:49:56)
    Linux 2.4.7-pre6 is out. Changelog within.

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: A Moderate Approach to Intellectual Property (2001-07-11 13:00:16)
    On its face, a lawsuit brought on behalf of Adobe to force the KOffice project to change the name of killustrator to something sounding less like Adobe's own vector drawing software may sound like an invitation to once again revisit worn rants about the harmfulness of intellectual property. Dennis E. Powell argues that seeing as how even the GPL depends on it, the real issue isn't with the existence of intellectual property, but with the execution of intellectual property laws. This area of the law is one we choose to scorn and ignore at our own peril, and it's time, says Powell, for cool heads to step to the plate.

  • Kernel Cousin Debian Hurd #98 by Paul Emsley (2001-07-11 05:02:19)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • Linux 2.4.7pre5aa1 Released (2001-07-11 01:30:07)
    Andrea Arcangeli has made a new Linux 2.4.7 pre-release available.

  • Metatheme 0.6 Released (2001-07-11 00:56:14)
    "Metatheme provides a way for users to save and restore snapshots of their system's current theme configuration. This allows one-click simultaneous changing of background image, Gtk+ theme, Sawfish window manager theme, and so forth."