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Developer Linux News for Jul 15, 2001

  • LinuxPR: KDE Based Documentation Tool for Developers Now Available (2001-07-15 21:30:21)
    "DocBrowser is a perfect compliment for any KDE development, be it KDE Studio Gold, KDevelop or whatever your favorite environment is. It allows you to read documentation in a variety of formats and for a variety of special sub-systems."

  • ComputerBits: Damaging the proprietary software market with GPL (2001-07-15 18:31:29)
    Anyone curious for a take on the history of antagonism between proprietary and open source software (predating by a long shot the invention of the phrase "open source") may be interested in this piece, which characterizes the differences between the two as growing out of the cutting-edge adaptability of the small-time independent developer and the more marketing-oriented money-making prowess of the proprietary houses.

  • LinuxPR: The TOLIS Group announces purchase of BRU from Atipa (2001-07-15 16:30:55)
    "The TOLIS Group purchased the BRU intellectual property rights and other technology from Atipa Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri. Atipa was the parent corporation of Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona, the original producer of BRU."

  • The Hindu: Free Software: Nothing is more appropriate for India (2001-07-15 12:00:10)
    The Free Software Foundation will launch a chapter in India this month, and this article goes into some friendly detail about the history of Unix, the GNU project, and Linux, and why Free Software's a good idea in that country.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.6-ac3 (2001-07-15 01:36:49)
    "This is a non stable release, primarily for people to cross check the buffer.c merge shmem, and mm merges. Don't run this one on your webserver..."