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Developer Linux News for Jul 20, 2001

  • Evolution Beta 1 (0.11) is out (2001-07-20 23:15:14)
    "The Ximian Evolution team is pleased to announce the availability of the Beta 1 release of Ximian Evolution, the integrated groupware solution for GNOME desktops. The first of three beta milestones, the Beta 1 preview release begins our countdown to the 1.0 release this fall."

  • Linux 2.4.7 Released (2001-07-20 22:14:13)
    Changelog within.

  • Three on Java and Microsoft: From Open Letters to an Unpleasant Tonya Harding Analogy (2001-07-20 18:52:57)
    Microsoft has announced that Java won't be shipping as part of Windows XP (unless newly "liberated" OEM's choose to put it there) which raises some questions regarding the meaning of this move. Here are three articles addressing the issue from different angles, including mention of a grassroots organization of developers protesting the decision, an open letter to OEM's asking them to make sure Java is included with the machines they sell, and an item that says a Java-less WinXP is roughly analagous to Tonya Harding clouting the competition on the knee.

  • GNOME Usability Report Now Online (2001-07-20 16:48:57)
    Sun's GNOME usability study is now available online. This is a fairly interesting read that addresses some obvious issues regarding cases where computer idiom doesn't match with "normal people" language, and some less obvious issues, like the fact end users don't necessarily associate a "moon and stars" icon with exiting the environment.

  • LinuxProgramming: ActiveTcl is released (2001-07-20 15:00:54)
    ActiveTcl is made up of the latest stable core of Tcl (8.3.3), plus a slew of extensions.

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.4.7-pre9 (2001-07-20 05:53:32)
    "I'm getting ready to do a 2.4.7, but one of the fixes in 2.4.7 is a nasty SMP race that was found and made it clear that using an old trick of having a semaphore on the stack and doing "down()" on it to wait for some event (that would do the "up()") was a really bad idea."

  • LinuxProgramming: BlackAdder 1.0beta3 for Python and Ruby development on Windows and Linux (2001-07-20 01:20:22)
    "BlackAdder combines a visual design environment with debugging, syntax highlighting, ODBC interfaces and extensive HTML documentation into a comprehensive platform for developing Python and Ruby applications."

  • Andrea Arcangeli: 2.4.7pre8aa1 (2001-07-20 00:36:14)
    Andrea Arcangeli's latest patch wrangle is 2.4.7pre8aa1.