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Developer Linux News for Aug 20, 2001

  • Caldera to Open Source AIM Benchmarks, Regexp Parser; Give "Open Access" to Open UNIX Source (Aug 20, 2001, 23:45)
    "Caldera International, Inc. today announced it will Open Source the AIM performance benchmarks and the UNIX Regular Expression Parser, along with two UNIX utilities awk and grep. In a related move, Caldera will also be making the Open UNIX 8 source code available to members of its developer program who request it."

  • Times of India: 'Simputer' set for November roll-out (Aug 20, 2001, 23:17)
    "The "Simputer", a $200 hand-held Indian computer aimed at taking the Internet to rural areas, will hit the market in November, the firm spearheading the manufacture of the device designed by a non-profit trust said."

  • Haus of Shogo: Interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion Entertainment (Aug 20, 2001, 22:45)
    Hyperion ported Shogo: Mobile Armor Division to Linux. Here, the company's managing partner discusses the pitfalls Linux faces as a gaming platform: "On Mac or Amiga, you don't suffer from this type of problems because users simply don't have the option of dual-booting and dare I say it, users are more loyal to their platform than Linux users."

  • Saber Taylor: Unix and C Dependency (Aug 20, 2001, 22:09)
    "There is nothing like Unix to inspire love and hate in the computing industry ... A large portion of the blame and credit is due to the C programming language, but I have not seen a broad treatment examining their coexistence. C philosophy and utilization has traditionally permeated Unix circles, but are C variants somehow better than other languages on Unix?"

  • LinuxWorld/IDG: Does Linux have a future on the desktop? (Aug 20, 2001, 19:49)
    "The hype about Linux's potential as a desktop operating system started years ago. But just as easy-to-use interfaces are being crafted for the operating system, which has had a stronghold in the server arena for a number of years, troubles faced by some Linux companies lead observers to question whether it will ever truly compete with Windows for desktop dollars."

  • Why artists should be using Ogg Vorbis (Aug 20, 2001, 19:23)
    "So why not just use MP3? It's popular already, and listeners can easily share it. The problem is that the people who created MP3 compression want to get in on the content industry act, and have positioned themselves as another middleman. Free encoders for the MP3 format have already bitten the dust, as the owners of the technology demand royalties for making software that uses it."

  • Wired: Penguin Enrolls in U.S. Schools (Aug 20, 2001, 17:48)
    "Tux the penguin may become the preferred mascot of America's financially strained public education system - for Linux represents a way to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for software."