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Developer Linux News for Aug 21, 2001

  • Adding a new dimension to the desktop with 3Dwm (Aug 21, 2001, 20:38)
    "The Free Software community is sometimes accused of only imitating and never innovating. Well one project that definitely innovates is the 3Dwm project . The 3Dwm project aims at creating the first real 3d desktop environment usable on ordinary personal computers. So to bring you the full story on this cool system I was lucky enough to get iklas Elmqvist, one of the lead developers of 3Dwm, to answer my questions."

  • Kernel Cousin Wine #102 by Brian Vincent (Aug 21, 2001, 19:52)
    Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

  • Gnumeric 0.70 aka 'Mama said there'd be days like this' Available (Aug 21, 2001, 16:32)
    "This is a high priority upgrade. 0.69 accidentally broke importing MS Excel workbooks containing more than one sheet. It would somewhat silently superimpose all of the content in the first sheet. There are several other small fixes and improvements as we near feature freeze."

  • InfoWorld: Go Linux Desktop Now (Aug 21, 2001, 14:30)
    "It's a triple irony: The timing coincides with Dell dropping its support for Linux; it comes just as Microsoft has finally achieved sufficient OS stability to eliminate that as a differentiator; and it is Microsoft, through its licensing shenanigans -- not any of Linux's backers -- that has made Linux a credible option for you."

  • ANNOUNCE: gcc 3.01 announced (Aug 21, 2001, 07:17)
    GCC 3.0.1 has been released. This release contains only critical bug-fixes from GCC 3.0.

  • GNOME Summary for 2001-08-05 - 2001-08-15 (Aug 21, 2001, 04:43)
    GNOME News for this week includes: GNOME Print gets TrueType support, Galeon Status Update, Why GNOME Hackers Should Care about Usability, Two more releases of Abiword available, Mozstreamer hits the street, When the going gets tough Alan gets going (Alan Cox helps out with Nautilus).

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.8-ac8 (Aug 21, 2001, 00:56)
    Changelog, links within.