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Developer Linux News for Aug 22, 2001

  • Ask Slashdot: What Happens To -AC (And Other) Kernel Mods? (Aug 22, 2001, 23:48)
    Alan Cox provides an explanation of how Linux kernel patches are handled in this edition of Ask Slashdot.With the -ac tree I try and do rapid rolling releases, sucking in new code to test it and also its interactions with other new code: "By doing releases every few days I get a high number of people testing and reporting bugs before there are too many possible causes. This is how Linus trees used to work long ago, and I still think its the better technique."

  • GNOME Foundation Brings Timothy Ney on Board as Executive Director (Aug 22, 2001, 20:20)
    "In a move that will take it to the next level, the GNOME Foundation, the organization driving the direction and development of GNOME desktop software for GNU/Linux, UNIX and other free software systems, has hired Timothy Ney as executive director."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.8-ac9 (Aug 22, 2001, 15:08)
    Changelog, links within.

  • TheRasterman Speaks of Enlightenment17 and Future of Linux Desktop (Aug 22, 2001, 14:01)
    "Carsten "The Rasterman" Haitzler, the man behind Enlightenment (E), the extremely configurable window manager for X, speaks about the new, highly anticipated, version 0.17 . Already more than a year of development, the new E, will not just be a window manager, but a desktop shell, battling for its place to our desktops, between KDE, Gnome and WindowMaker. The team developing E17 are using some technically interesting methods , while they assure us that speed will be present, plus a visually stunning GUI for the X Window System. Read on for the interview and 3 exclusive screenshots of E17."