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Developer Linux News for Sep 14, 2001

  • Mozilla 0.94 Released (Sep 14, 2001, 22:02)
    Mozilla 0.94 has been released. 'What's New' and links within.

  • Kernel Cousin Wine #103 by Brian Vincent (Sep 14, 2001, 20:05)
    Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

  • Windows holds desktop, battles Linux on servers (Sep 14, 2001, 17:30)
    "Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system will remain the dominant client operating environment for the foreseeable future, and only the open-source Linux operating system stands in the way of Windows also dominating the server side, according to market analyst International Data Corp. (IDC)."

  • ZDNet: Gartner: Linux support services: Like any other operating system? (Sep 14, 2001, 16:15)
    "This Perspective analyzes the Linux operating system support offerings for 12 product support providers. Support offering characteristics and attributes, such as hours of coverage, geographical coverage, response time, access to support centers, incident communication media and entitled Internet-based services, are profiled. This Perspective also reports on the problem escalation methods and processes used by support providers."
    [ 18 pages long -ed. ]

  • AllLinuxDevices: MontaVista to Deliver VisualAge Micro Edition 1.4 for Hard Hat Linux (Sep 14, 2001, 15:07)
    "The new VisualAge Micro Edition 1.4 from IBM/OTI is a development and deployment solution for building multi-modal Java applications and the embedded devices that run them."

  • IBM: Cluster Starter Kit for Linux (Sep 14, 2001, 13:03)
    "Cluster Starter Kit for Linux uses Cluster System Management (CSM) software from IBM. With Cluster Starter Kit for Linux's graphical user interface (GUI), portions of CSM can be easily manipulated. Also provided is an easy way to view the status, change the status, or manipulate the conditions of nodes in a cluster."

  • Beta 3D Graphics Drivers Now Available From Xi Graphics (Sep 14, 2001, 04:05)
    "Xi Graphics Inc. announced today the Beta release of Version 2.0 of their Accelerated-X 3D Linux Graphics Drivers (LGDs)."

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.4.10-pre9 (Sep 14, 2001, 02:07)
    "More merging with Alan, and IrDA update (and various smaller things, see log)"

  • GNOME Summary for 2001-09-02 - 2001-09-08 (Sep 14, 2001, 00:30)
    This week: Gnome 2.0 Test Case Exe/Record/Metric Bed, Gdkxft 1.1 released, Evolution Beta 3 released, Bonobo tutorial, Nautilus, eel, medusa and others on the move, Mono compiler starts compiling, more.