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Developer Linux News for Sep 16, 2001

  • Programming: KParts Explained (2001-09-16 23:52:05)
    "There are two kinds of KPart: components and plugins. Components provide a widget that you can display, and may extend the application's menu to add the component's specific actions. A plugin has no widget. This is usually one menu entry that provides one new feature. To make this possible, the menus of an application are defined in a XML file."

  • LA Times: Computer Vs. Net Device: More Vs. Less (2001-09-16 17:55:24)
    "BICBox of Newbury Park has an interesting compromise between a PC and a network appliance. It gives users the reliability of a system that can't be messed up by the user along with some of the flexibility of a PC. The $299 BICBox doesn't come with a monitor or a hard drive, but it does come with Linux; for an additional $99, you can use Windows 98 Second Edition."

  • Mojolin: Linux on the Desktop -- missing the mark (2001-09-16 15:52:51)
    "The major problem with moving Linux to the desktop is the fact that it was not first to market. Microsoft got there first and so owns the market. You see the same thing with RedHat within the Linux using community. It's an old rule of thumb, first to market, no matter how imperfect your product, and you get the lions share of that market. Why? Well, once people start using and learning a product, they are reluctant to start over again with a new, better product. It takes them out of their comfort zone."

  • Debian Planet: HOWTOs: Filesystems - Part I (2001-09-16 14:05:36)
    "There has been much hype about journaled filesystems for GNU/Linux in recent months, and Debian Planet has hosted its fair share of articles concerning various alternative filesystems. In this series of articles we will take you through these filesystems, giving background information, history and tips. Furthermore in each article we will install and use the filesystem covered and provide benchmarks (which should only used in comparison with those disclosed within other articles within this series)."

  • Linux Journal: Open Letter to Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO, Walt Disney Company (2001-09-16 12:05:44)
    "The SSSCA, which you are in the middle of buying from Congress, would outlaw the software that powers the independent Internet, the Internet that had many of us crying on our keyboards this week, from loss, relief or rage. At times like this, a slightly cracked monkey means more to us than a perfectly coiffed mouse."
    [ Readers with triggers and story ordering set up should note that this article is the first we've added under the new 'Law and Licenses' category. -ed. ]

  • Wired: Computing Made Good, Easy (2001-09-16 10:07:22)
    "Non-technical users can capture the productivity benefits of the Unix design philosophy without abandoning the standard desktop with graphic user interface. One example is the "Good Easy" environment developed by usability expert Mark Hurst. Based on the Macintosh OS 9 operating system, it is used at Creative Good, Hurst's consultancy business."