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Developer Linux News for Sep 21, 2001

  • ComputerUser.com: Desktop Linux serves up big savings (2001-09-21 23:30:57)
    "...the vast majority of desktop users perform basic functions using general-purpose software. Keeping in mind the majority of users who mainly need general-purpose software on the desktop, I was curious as to the overall cost and functional differences between a general-purpose Red Hat Linux workstation and a general-purpose Windows 2000 Professional desktop."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.9-ac13 (2001-09-21 19:36:10)
    Changelog, links within.

  • LinuxPR: KDE Studio Gold 3.0 Release Candidate 2 Available (2001-09-21 14:50:41)
    "This new release delivers a full-fledged IDE for the development of sophisticated C++ applications - including the high utility features you expect from a modern development environment, such as code completion, dynamic syntax highlighting and popup function parameter lookup. Debugging is simplified by tight integration with kdbg in the IDE, and comprehensive documentation is provided in the form of a "Getting Started" guide and a reference manual."

  • Linus Torvalds: linux-2.4.10-pre13 (2001-09-21 06:01:21)
    "More merging.. Btw, my mailbox is overflowing - for some reason I'm now on the cc list of what appears to be a few hundred independent small diskcussions (but I'm sure it's just a dozen or so), and if your patch is missing from pre13, please don't send it again immediately. I'm trying to catch up with the mail flood, and while you can _almost_ assume that if your patch isn't in pre13 it's gone (and should be re-sent), please wait with the re-send for a few days."

  • CNET: Is StarOffice for everyone? (Sun Speaks on StarOffice vs. MS Office) (2001-09-21 00:48:54)
    "On Sept. 5, CNET News.com ran a column by Guernsey Research analyst Chris LeTocq questioning whether Sun's software was ready to take on Microsoft Office. The following is Sun's reply."