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Developer Linux News for Sep 25, 2001

  • BSD Today: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice ... (2001-09-25 22:30:03)
    An article at Slashdot, titled "IP Theft in the Linux Kernel", says that some of the Linux kernel source used Søren Schmidt's BSD-licensed code without retaining the copyright ... "I think it is pretty important that we in the free world respect each other's work by giving proper credit where it's due," Schmidt said. "We cannot expect the business people to take us seriously, if we can't show that we respect the rules, et cetera, we have layed out ourselves."

  • Gnotices: City of Largo uses Balsa as the e-mail program of choice (2001-09-25 19:13:28)
    "While Largo has long-time migration plans to a a completely new, propertiary groupware product, their 800 users have been successfully using Balsa for a number of months. Balsa turned out to be satisfactory solution even for freshly converted Windows users. Due to small memory footprint, it has been possible to run the program for all the users on single application server."

  • AbiWord Weekly News Issues #58 and #59 by Jesper Skov (2001-09-25 18:31:54)
    "AbiWord Weekly News is back after a (somewhat longer than anticipated) break. I'll work my way through the archives from weeks past so we don't miss any goodies... Much stuff happened this week: new style features, improved WP import, TinderBox back to life, file->close discussion brought to an end by a patch, and request for help to make releases."

  • Gnotices: Installation Guide For GNOME 1.4.1 (2001-09-25 15:09:38)
    "The GNOME Installation Guide was written to help unfamiliar users install a stable GNOME system that includes more than the default applications. It teaches readers how to compile GNOME on their own instead of installing precompiled packages. It also covers installation of extra GNOME programs, both those hosted by the GNOME project and those which are not."

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Anyware's Words (2001-09-25 12:56:57)
    "Brian Proffitt kicks off the return of our series on Linux word processors with a look at VistaSource's Anyware Office Words, a product currently in the midst of a marketing identity crisis. Beyond the confusing naming scheme, though, lurks a functional word processor that provides a reasonable clone of the Microsoft Word interface and a decent feature set."

  • news.kde.org: Interview: Trolltech's President Eirik Eng (2001-09-25 12:00:07)
    "We had the same rate of growth before the change in license. In the very early years, we were afraid that if we GPLed Qt, someone with more development muscle would create a hostile fork of Qt and, in a sense, take over our only product. You just don't take any chances with your only bread and butter."