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Developer Linux News for Sep 29, 2001

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.9-ac18 (2001-09-29 23:47:07)
    "This is just bug fixes - focused on getting this right and rock solid ready for the 2.4.10 battle."

  • Evild3d.net: Review: Rune for Linux (2001-09-29 21:35:16)
    "Recently released by Loki, and with the expansion coming soon, Rune is one of the more popular 3D titles to come to Linux in a good while. The anticipation of this release isn't quite as great as that for Dues Ex but, this title does have a pretty good following. And with the release not too far off that of the Windows version, Rune is a fairly up to date game."

  • MaximumLinux.org: First Look: Mac-on-Linux (2001-09-29 17:25:09)
    "MOL (Mac-on-Linux) is an open source project that lets Linux PPC users run the Mac OS on Linux. The project has been around in some form since 1997 and although I had heard of it before I really never even gave it much thought until I installed Yellow Dog Linux on my PowerBook Ti."

  • InfoWorld: VMware opens way to virtual worlds (2001-09-29 01:56:15)
    "For many businesses, the next several months will be less about making it big and more about making do. Because many employees, such as developers, salespeople, and training staff, require the use of several OSes, IT managers looking to save cash should consider consolidating their operating systems at the desktop."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.9-ac17 (2001-09-29 00:26:32)
    "Next batch of bugfixes and updates, I want to get these in before I import the Linus changes beyond 2.4.10pre9 which is where the merge currently sits."