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Developer Linux News for Oct 16, 2001

  • Ximian Names Mitchell Kapor to Board of Directors (2001-10-16 20:49:16)
    "Ximian announced today the appointment of Mitchell Kapor to its Board of Directors. Kapor is internationally known as the founder of Lotus Development Corporation and the designer of Lotus 1-2-3... Kapor is also a social activist, founding and chairing such organizations as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Massachusetts Commission on Computer Technology and Law."

  • Linux 2.4.13-pre3 Released (2001-10-16 18:56:26)
    Better late than never. Changelog, links within.

  • Gnotices: GNOME Foundation Accepting New Members [again] (2001-10-16 18:46:06)
    "If you have contributed a non-trivial improvement to GNOME (whether code, documentation, translation, etc.) and are not yet a member, you can apply for membership by completing the online application form."

  • LinuxPR: Evans Data: Borland Kylix Emerges as Leading Linux Application Development Solution (2001-10-16 18:17:01)
    "Borland... today announced that its rapid application development (RAD) environment for the Linux platform, Borland Kylix, has been ranked as the most used integrated development environment (IDE) by Linux developers. The research was conducted and published by Evans Data Corporation, a market research firm focused on the software development community."

  • Sander Vesik: One Year of OpenOffice.org (2001-10-16 17:45:50)
    Sander Vesik writes: "Among all the news and excitement surrounding the release of StarOffice 6.0 beta and OpenOffice.org build 638c, one of the things that seems to have gone unnoticed is that OpenOffice.org celebrated it's first anniversary of being Open Sourced (the code was released on Oct 13 2001)."

  • AbiWord Weekly News #65 by Jesper Skov (2001-10-16 16:40:07)
    "BiDi mode now has all the necessary major features to be really useful. And there's been other nice bug and feature fixes this week. There's also some nice stuff going on that's not driven by programmers, which is nice to see - I wish for more of that."

  • LinuxGram: Gnome Misses Solaris 9 Bus (2001-10-16 10:29:14)
    "Sun has got a feature-incomplete beta of Solaris 9 available for download through the company's early access program, but it seems the promised open-source Gnome 2.0 won't be the thing's default because, as we've pointed out before, the Gnome widgetry won't be ready when Solaris 9 ships for real in the first half of next year. Sun will cleave to its traditional Solaris Common Desktop Environment for the time being."

  • The Register: Jakob Nielsen on how Apple blew it, how Linux will blow it, and the Next Big Thing (2001-10-16 08:36:57)
    "[Open Source development] doesn't lend itself to coming up with new paradigms. The one thing it's very good thing at is designing software for other hackers, for other nerds, really. That's their skill and that's their strength - there's a thousand nerds to look at it. If something doesn't work it's going to be a debate on the mailing lists and it's going to be fixed."

  • LinuxProgramming: Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Oct 15) (2001-10-16 01:48:01)
    All that's new in the Python world.