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Developer Linux News for Oct 30, 2001

  • Yahoo!/Reuters: Intel Says Inspired by Napster to Change IT Systems (2001-10-30 23:29:55)
    "The free operating system Linux was another unexpected result from ad hoc Internet collaboration that has been embraced by Intel, saving the chip maker $200 million, [Intel VP of Technology] Busch said."

  • BrowserWatch: Netscape 6.2 Released (2001-10-30 21:46:16)
    "Netscape has quietly released Netscape 6.2, an incremental update that appears to address mainly bug fixes and performance enhancements, albeit with a few new features thrown in. Netscape 6.2 is based on the Mozilla 0.94 build."

  • The Register: Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror (2001-10-30 18:33:12)
    "Citing a controversial U.S. copyright law, a top Linux developer announced this week that Americans would not be given details about the security fixes in an update to the open source operating system, a first for a software development community that prides itself on transparency."

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Learning the Ways of LyX (2001-10-30 14:00:43)
    "The ever-popular 'Word to the Wise' series is chartered to cover word processors. This week, though, Brian Proffitt stops off with LyX, a 'document processor' that might change the way you look at document preparation. Learn about LyX's unusual paradigm among desktop apps, and how the LyX team is bringing GUI independence to a venerable project with familiar Qt and GTK+ faces."

  • GNOME Summary for 2001-10-20 - 2001-10-26 (2001-10-30 12:43:24)
    This week: Accessibility, GNOME-LOVE, Control Center 2.0 port, Evolution 1.0 looms closer, GtkMM's new release, more.

  • PC Magazine: The Lindows Conundrum (2001-10-30 10:54:31)
    "The Lindows concept was dreamed up by MP3.com entrepreneur Michael Robertson, and is encountering skepticism. Nobody is taking it too seriously except me. I think Lindows might fly if it can conquer one simple roadblock, and that's running Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP. If Lindows can run these versions of Office, then look out below. Bombs away."

  • OSNews.com: Interview With WINE's Alexandre Julliard (2001-10-30 07:46:26)
    "We are getting closer every day. We are now working on the last missing piece (inter-process window communication) to complete the transition from a Win3.1 architecture to a NT-like architecture. Once this is done we'll be able to release 1.0. I won't give any dates though..."

  • Linux 2.4.14-pre5 Released (2001-10-30 04:39:42)
    Linux 2.4.14-pre5 is out. Changelog, link within.