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Developer Linux News for Nov 21, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: GNU Enterprise Releases Version 0.1.0 of Its Products (2001-11-21 23:51:29)
    GNU Enterprise has released a platform and UI-independent forms system, an IDE RAD for forms development, and a toolset that provides access major databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC. The announcement cautions that this release is targeted at developers.

  • LinuxWorld.com: Reiserfs or ext3: Which journaling filesystem is right for you? (2001-11-21 22:58:01)
    "There are many technical differences between the two filesystems, but there are only three differences that most people should care about. First, you can do an in-place conversion from ext2, which until recently was the default filesystem for most Linux distributions. Second, you can set ext3 to journal data as well as metadata. Today, Reiserfs journals metadata only."

  • EuroLinux Alliance: French Govt. Agency to Enforce Open Standards and Promote Open Source/Free software (2001-11-21 21:26:15)
    "France Committee for e-Government announced today that the French Agency for e-Government (ATICA) would be in charge of selecting open standards to be enforced all over public administrations in order to guarantee full interoperability. The French Agency for e-Government... is going to select in 2002 the copyright license, based on existing open source/free licenses, under which future software developments may be published."

  • UnixReview.com: Pogo Linux Vorticon Workstation (2001-11-21 20:43:05)
    "If you're in the market for a new Linux workstation or desktop machine, take a serious look at the Vorticon. It might be more muscle than you need for simple browsing or desktop use, but if you're doing development or anything that requires serious speed, this is a great way to go."

  • LinuxProgramming: Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Nov 20) (2001-11-21 11:55:03)
    All the latest news from the Tcl world.

  • Linux Kernel 2.4.15-pre8 Released (2001-11-21 11:06:28)
    Changelog, link within.

  • IDG.NET: German study rejects software patents for Europe (2001-11-21 10:52:16)
    "The experts warned that a high rate of innovation, interoperability, and the continued development of the open-source model would be jeopardized if Europe adopted a rule allowing the widespread patenting of computer programs, the ministry said in a statement released Thursday."

  • LinuxPR: Open Source Product Excellence Awards Return to LinuxWorld (2001-11-21 10:22:54)
    "IDG is now accepting submissions for the semi-annual Open Source Product Excellence Awards, to be presented at the upcoming LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. The awards will recognize the most innovative Open Source products and services at LinuxWorld."

  • PBS.org/I, Cringely: Bill to Linus: You Owe Me. (2001-11-21 08:58:56)
    "So the shocking questions for this week are 1) Is Bill Gates really the father of the Open Source software movement? and; 2) If Bill isn't the father of Open Source, did he violate a crucial IBM nondisclosure agreement and ought to pay billions in damages to Big Blue as a result?"

  • Mozilla 0.9.6 Released (2001-11-21 06:53:31)
    Mozilla 0.9.6 is out. 'What's New,' link within.

  • GNOME Summary for 28 October to 16 November (2001-11-21 02:07:26)
    This week: GNOME Foundation, Abiword gets Gdict support, GNOME 2.0 API Freeze, Nautilus 2 emerges, GNOME-print with True-Type support available, compiling GNOME, Gnumeric 0.76, more.