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Developer Linux News for Nov 28, 2001

  • LinuxWorld.com: A first look at Kylix 2 Open Edition (2001-11-28 23:50:29)
    "Yes, it lacks some of the features of the commercial versions of Kylix, and in Kylix 2 the distance between Enterprise and Open Edition seems to have grown considerably. Nevertheless, for those in the Linux world who simply want to develop apps with the convenience of a RAD with a high degree of ease of use and the power of a real programming language, it simply can't be beat. Nor can its price."

  • OpenOffice.org Build 641b Available for Download (2001-11-28 22:27:57)
    A new build of OpenOffice is available. Links within.

  • LinuxProgramming: Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Nov 28) (2001-11-28 21:06:07)
    All that's new in the Python world.

  • NewsForge: Turner Consulting Group offers more affordable custom software using Open-Source apps (2001-11-28 19:08:20)
    "TCG is a multi-platform shop, ready to work with whatever OSes, languages and tools a customer prefers, including Microsoft NT 4 and Windows 2000 as well as Sun Solaris, and Linux. Internally, however, TCG is primarily a *nix/Open Source environment."

  • Linux 2.4.17-pre1 Released (2001-11-28 18:43:14)
    Changelog, link within.

  • GNOME Summary for 2001-11-17 - 2001-11-23 (2001-11-28 18:11:00)
    This week: Mozilla team more lethal for bugs than DDT, Gnomoku first app ported to the GNOME2 C++ bindings, Elysium hacker Rodney Dawes interviewed, GNOME 2 porting document available, Abiword 0.9.5, more.

  • O'Reilly Network: Building Freeciv: An Open Source Strategy Game (2001-11-28 17:10:20)
    "Nowadays, the toughest jobs remaining include sprucing up the game's graphics and re-doing the artificial intelligence (AI). Continued efforts like these have become goals not unlike the strategy behind Freeciv's gameplay -- building and improving upon things over time."

  • PCWorld.com: San Francisco Bills IBM for Linux Love Notes (2001-11-28 09:11:02)
    "City officials quashed some of the warm, fuzzy feelings associated with the Linux operating system when it reached a settlement with IBM that has the vendor paying $120,000 to compensate the city for damages caused by a "guerrilla" marketing campaign centered around Linux."

  • ITWorld.com: Open-source fans welcome French government move (2001-11-28 06:54:23)
    "'Many countries do open source, but only France has issued a government order which says that we should implement open source whenever possible,' said spokesman Jean-Paul Smets of the EuroLinux Alliance, a group that boosts open source and the Linux operating system. 'What is going to be compulsory is the open standards, and open source is going to be a recommendation.'"

  • GNOME Foundation Election Preliminary Results Released (2001-11-28 05:16:08)
    The GNOME Foundation has released the preliminary results of its board election, available within.

  • The StarOffice 6 Weigh-in: Does it Make the Heavyweight Class? (2001-11-28 00:50:24)
    "The StarOffice/OpenOffice 6 beta is obviously much further down that road than other open source office projects, such as KOffice and AbiWord, and it comes with some of the best document filters in the business (for MS Word, at least). But is it close to becoming the "leading international office suite"? That's what we set off to find out."