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Developer Linux News for Nov 30, 2001

  • Linux 2.4.17-pre2 Available (2001-11-30 23:48:52)
    Changelog, link within.

  • LinuxSalute-Gnome 0.90b Beta Testers Wanted (2001-11-30 23:42:25)
    "LinuxSalute is hoping to do for Slackware what Ximian has done for users of other Linux distributions, that is to provide easily installable GNOME software in prepackaged format. We use the standard Slackware .tgz package format so it should drop in with pkgtool."

  • DukeOfURL: Pogo Linux Altura Athlon XP Workstation Review (2001-11-30 18:58:06)
    "Pogo has shown they have what it takes to stand out from the crowd of manufacturers that seemingly lie around every corner of the computing world. Can their latest creation separate itself from the pack once again? Read on to find out."

  • DesktopLinux.com: Waiting for Linux, Waiting for Godot (2001-11-30 14:27:01)
    "Although Microsoft appears to be hard at work convincing customers that the future belongs to boxed products (theirs), much of Bill Gates' activities over the past few years shows that he realizes that the future will look very different, and almost certainly does not belong to Operating Systems."

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Word to the Wise: Wrapping Up and Picking a Winner (2001-11-30 12:51:42)
    This week Brian Proffitt wraps up our Word to the Wise series by offering a recap of each of the eight word processors he examined and crowning a new king. Last year, Applix Words took 'best overall' honors. This year it has to fend off a field that includes KWord, the StarOffice 6 beta, and OpenOffice. Ever with an eye cocked to the horizon, Brian also reveals his list of spreadsheets for our next application series.

  • NVidia Releases New Linux Drivers (1.0-2313) (2001-11-30 09:45:18)
    Release highlights, link within.

  • MarceloTheWonderPenguin.com: Marcelo the Wonder Penguin (2001-11-30 09:02:22)
    "The young man in the photos above is Marcelo Tosatti, the new maintainer of the Linux 2.4 kernel. Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox seem to have chosen Marcelo because of his experience in kernel programming, his ability to communicate with all developers and his larger-than-life dose of common sense."

  • Linux 2.5.1-pre4 Released (2001-11-30 07:43:32)
    Changelog, link within.