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Developer Linux News for Dec 14, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: GNOME 2.0 Developer Platform Beta: "Everyone's Excited and Confused" (2001-12-14 21:07:16)
    "The API frozen Developer Platform Beta, 'Everyone's Excited and Confused', is ready for your porting pleasure! It is available for immediate download."

  • NewsForge: Gaming review: Uplink for Linux puts you inside world of high-tech espionage (2001-12-14 15:30:05)
    "Uplink is, essentially, a hacking (and cracking) simulator. More accurately, its a game that simulates high-tech crime and espionage. It should be noted here that Uplink won't really teach you how to crack computer systems -- this is a simulation set in the year 2010, so the game has several tools that don't exist today."

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Between the Sheets With Calc (2001-12-14 14:04:14)
    Brian Proffitt says Star/Open Office's Calc is every bit Excel's equal in the features and tools it provides without the hand-holding wizards. Despite its numerous strengths, some nagging font rendering problems may make Calc hard to accept as a corporate desktop winner.

  • LinuxProgramming: wxWindows 2.3.2 GUI Snapshot Released (2001-12-14 11:08:07)
    "wxWindows is an OpenSource cross-platform C++ GUI library with very popular bindings for Python, Perl and recently Basic and Lua. wxWindows is the OpenSource alternative to Qt. It is free for any use, including commercial use. There have been many fixes, improvements and enhancements in the GTK+ version, which is the version usually used under Linux."

  • Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting December 11 2001 (2001-12-14 09:12:10)
    This week: GUADEC 3 in Seville, Spain; a new schedule for GNOME 2 as a few apps slip.

  • Evil3d.net: [nVidia] Linux Drivers & Page Flipping (2001-12-14 06:15:16)
    "Since the release of the 1.0-2313 drivers for Linux there has been quite a buzz regarding the performance boost offered. Especially than that seen at 1600x1200x32. However, many of our readers were only experiencing minor performance gains, if any, at other resolutions. So, I decided to investigate the issue a little further and not just toss up benchmarks of software titles that are completely ill equipped to measure the graphic sub-system's performance."

  • CNET News.com: Sun saturated with StarOffice advice (2001-12-14 04:26:36)
    "Sun Microsystems will cut off downloads of the StarOffice 6 beta software on Dec. 31 as the company prepares for a final release in the first half of 2002, the company said Wednesday."

  • Press Release Regarding the Release of Russian Programmer Dmitry Sklyarov (2001-12-14 03:24:32)
    The complete press release from the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California regarding the release of Dmitry Sklyarov and a link to a PDF of the agreement within.