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Developer Linux News for Dec 19, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: ActiveState's Komodo IDE Now Shipping for Linux & Windows (2001-12-19 22:08:50)
    "Komodo is a cross-platform integrated development environment for open source technologies and XSLT programming. It is optimized for programming languages such as Perl, Python, and Tcl and now features cutting-edge XSLT and PHP editing and debugging capabilities."

  • EarthWeb Datamation: Case Study: In Redmond's Shadow, An Open (Source) Secret (2001-12-19 12:07:47)
    "The Eastside Journal Web site originally used the Solaris operating system and ran on Sun Microsystems hardware. The Eastside Journal Web team, which is responsible for maintaining Web sites for all of the Horvitz Newspapers, realized it needed to look elsewhere at the end of 2000 when it faced an expensive Y2K upgrade on an internal proprietary system that archived old newspaper stories."

  • Linux 2.4.17-rc2 Released (2001-12-19 06:43:47)
    Changelog within.

  • H. Peter Anvin: It never rains but it pours... [kernel.org server down] (2001-12-19 04:02:09)
    "Well, after spending close to two hours bringing the old kernel.org server back to life it died again after less than 10 minutes. I hereby declare the current zeus.kernel.org officially DEAD. This suddenly meant that getting the new server from Compaq fully provisioned suddenly (and very ill-timedly) became a very high priority. We're still waiting for a set of disk drives from Compaq, so it's not going to happen today or tomorrow."

  • Linux Journal: Perceptions of the Linux OS Among Undergraduate System Administrators (2001-12-19 03:53:49)
    "At the start of this academic year, I informally surveyed the 31 students enrolled in the module about their exposure to Linux. Most (if not all) had some exposure to the OS. I probed further and asked how many students had used Linux as the basis of their third-year project (the previous year). One or two hands were raised. Then the first shock came: someone blurted out, 'nearly everyone who used Linux last year went on to fail their project'."