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Developer Linux News for Jan 23, 2002

  • KDE 3.0 Release Plan Adjusted, Release Candidate 1 Scheduled for February 4 (2002-01-23 19:21:48)
    KDE Release Coordinator Dirk Mueller has updated the KDE 3 release plan as the project moves toward a March 8th release date for KDE 3.0.

  • NewsForge: GPL Linux virtual machines and virtual machine clustering (2002-01-23 15:27:12)
    "Think of User-mode Linux (UML), a modification to the Linux kernel that's released under the GNU General Public License, as a cross between the VMware workstation product that allows users to run Linux and Windows side-by-side and larger virtual machine-type products that allow dozens of Linux copies to run on one server. Jeff Dike, leader of the project, says users have reported running as many as 50 virtual machines on one piece of hardware."

  • H. Peter Anvin: kernel.org: setting the record straight (2002-01-23 14:31:47)
    "It has come to my attention there are some unfounded rumours about the kernel.org outage from this past weekend, and I wanted to set the record straight..."

  • LDP Weekly News: 2002-01-22 (2002-01-23 14:14:39)
    This week: Wiki-style editing; updated HOWTO lists.

  • LinuxWorld.com: VM: Virtual Memory or Virtual Mayhem? (2002-01-23 08:29:59)
    "The fur has been flying in the Linux kernel development community of late, particularly because there's a lot of contention about how Linux should do virtual memory management (VM). Andrea Arcangeli and Rik van Riel have the two most visible opinions on how the VM should work, so they're often seen as at the heart of the struggle... I'm sure [they're] flooded with the same old suggestions over and over again, and it's entirely possible they've heard this one before. Nevertheless, I'll propose it, anyway."

  • DesktopLinux.com: The importance of the WINE project (2002-01-23 06:18:55)
    "Some people will complain that we should invest in native Linux apps, instead of an emulator. My counter to them is that, in the long run, this is what will happen: if WINE runs, Linux will be widely adopted. Once Linux has a big market share, a lot of companies will start producing native Linux apps also."

  • news.kde.org: Matthias Ettrich: Integrating Qt Apps with KDE (2002-01-23 02:08:31)
    "Matthias Ettrich is proposing a new strategy for more strongly integrating Qt-only applications into KDE. It's an intriguing proposal and relevant to KDE, considering the growing number of cross-platform but Qt-only applications becoming available. The initial "not-perfect but simple" basic idea is that a small libQtKDE proxy library would invoke KDE functionality when available, or otherwise fall back to Qt functionality."