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Developer Linux News for Jan 30, 2002

  • LinuxPR: Open3.org Releases New JMS/XML Messaging Software (2002-01-30 21:53:18)
    Open3.org, the open source community building a complete platform for enterprise integration, is pleased to announce the availability of the open source Open3.org JMS Messaging Server v2.1.

  • CNET News.com: Torvalds, Developers at Odds Over Linux (2002-01-30 19:51:18)
    "A proposal to help Linus Torvalds keep up with patches for Linux has sparked a controversy over whether the operating system has outgrown its creator."

  • IBM: Linux Investment Nearly Recouped (2002-01-30 19:30:01)
    "IBM nearly recouped the $1 billion it said it invested in the Linux operating system in 2001, the head of IBM's four server groups is expected to announce Wednesday."

  • Linux Journal: Raising the Red Flag (2002-01-30 19:08:46)
    "The Chinese government doesn't just bristle at Microsoft's near-absolute market share of PC operating systems sold in China. It's as uncomfortable with operating systems that are opaque to the core...

  • Reiser: MS Settlement Reflects Deep Failure To Understand Implications of Patching Technology (2002-01-30 18:25:19)
    "The positions of the DOJ, the States, and even Lawrence Lessig are based on a failure to understand that something unique to the software industry, which programmers call "patching" technology, makes software products infinitely separable if an essential facility called "source code" is provided..."

  • LinuxDevices.com: OSDL Announces Development of Carrier Grade, Data Center Linux Products (2002-01-30 17:23:05)
    "The two groups, called the Carrier Grade Linux Working Group and the Data Center Linux Working Group, will provide "vision and guidance" to "encourage the development of whatever commercial and open standard components are needed on top of Linux to implement required platform functionality" for their respective market segments..."

  • Open Motif 2.2 Released (2002-01-30 15:25:29)
    "In addition, ICS has released an 18-month roadmap that defines the next three versions of Open Motif..."

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Linux Lewis vs. Microsoft Tyson (2002-01-30 14:09:30)
    Recent developments have given Linux supporters cause for hope. But favorable government rulings and computer companies taking new interest in Linux take us only part way, says Dennis E. Powell. They let us enter the battle -- but it's still up to us to win.

  • LinuxPR: Olliance Consulting Group to lead Open Source Study for U.S. Navy (2002-01-30 11:42:51)
    "Olliance Consulting Group has been selected by the Open-Source Software Institute (OSSI) to lead a coalition of industry vendors in a study of open-source technology's feasibility for the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO)."

  • LinuxWorld.com: The best multiple-boot utility (2002-01-30 09:09:41)
    "My sister asked me for the easiest way to install and boot multiple operating systems on the same machine. There are dozens of alternatives for the ambitious Linux guru, but the operative word here was 'easiest.'"