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Developer Linux News for Feb 14, 2002

  • LinuxJournal.com: XSLT Powers a New Wave of Web Applications (2002-02-14 23:21:33)
    "A fully XML-ized world is a simpler one, in many ways. To analyze the operation of an accounts payable department, for example, you don't need to know who reports to whom, who is due for a three-week vacation and all those other messy human details. If you can draw a diagram that shows invoices coming in and payments going out, perhaps with authorization records spawned along the way, then you have abstracted what ought to be the essential information."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac4 (2002-02-14 21:31:47)
    Changelog, link within: "If you have SIS IDE hardware please handle this kernel with care..."

  • GNU-Friends.org: Interview with David MacKenzie (the future of autoconf) (2002-02-14 19:17:52)
    "Nowadays, everyone's on the Internet and many have broadband, everyone has Perl 5 and many have Python, there are automatic dependency following update systems, and everyone has POSIX and Standard C and C++. Recent Autoconf releases have stubbed out some of the tests for old limitations that you might as well assume don't apply anymore, to make it run faster."

  • Salon: All hail .Net! (2002-02-14 18:01:53)
    "The .Net framework provides a programming interface for the new millennium that works the way programmers today want to work. The open-source and free software movement itself is waking up to that fact in spectacular fashion."

  • IBM developerWorks: Managing processes and threads (2002-02-14 15:17:56)
    "I have talked briefly about processes and threads, and demonstrated the programming of both in a program I wrote. After measuring the performance of process and thread creation, Linux seems to be faster on both counts than either Windows 2000 or Windows XP. You're welcome to download the test script, create-pt2a-sh.sh, and the source code for create-pt2a.cpp and run it yourself."

  • The Register: Report favours open source, Windows mix for Bundestag (2002-02-14 11:58:34)
    "The Bundestux campaign to get the German Bundestag to adopt open source software has experienced a possible setback, in the shape of a report that recommends open source for adoption in some areas, but leaves Microsoft on the desktop."