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Developer Linux News for Mar 19, 2002

  • FSF Announces Support of the Affero GPL, First Copyleft License for Web (Mar 19, 2002, 23:30)
    "The AGPL combines the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) V2 with one additional provision to address software used by the public over a network. The new provision enables the author to ensure that users will have the right to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute that software, by providing a mechanism for downloading the source and restricting the removal of the mechanism..."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac3 (Mar 19, 2002, 20:29)
    Changelogs, link within.

  • Sun Microsystems: Payment Model To Be Implemented for StarOffice 6.0 (Mar 19, 2002, 19:10)
    "In addition, Sun will fully support the on-going community development process through and will discontinue the no-charge download of StarOffice, instead, offering it for sale through a variety of channels. Specific pricing will be announced when StarOffice 6.0 is available in the coming months..."

  • Qt Support for Mono is Here (Mar 19, 2002, 16:00)
    "Adam Treat released the initial version of Qt bindings for C#, which consists of 476 Qt classes converted to C#."

  • Kernel Traffic #158 by Zack Brown (Mar 19, 2002, 14:00)
    Mailing list traffic from the Linux kernel developers list.

  • LinuxProgramming: Python-URL! - Weekly Python news and links (Mar 18) (Mar 19, 2002, 08:00)
    All that's new in the Python world.

  • Kernel Cousin KDE #35 by Aaron J. Seigo (Mar 19, 2002, 05:00)
    KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.

  • Linux and Main: Miguel de Icaza on Just About Everything (Mar 19, 2002, 01:00)
    "And in the course of talking with him, one quickly learns that he follows his own path in forming his views. Some people take great offense at his opinions -- or at least at his honesty in voicing them -- while others find him a veritable feast for thought. No one finds him boring, and his recent interview with Linux and Main was no exception..."