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Developer Linux News for Mar 22, 2002

  • Linux and Main: Ximian GNOME on a Low-Resources Machine (Mar 22, 2002, 13:02)
    "It's true that we have all kinds of nifty desktops and applications. This is great. It is also, sadly, true that as the capacity of hardware has increased -- bigger drives, more memory, faster processors, an actual reduction in price -- coding has fallen slack..."

  • Financial Times: Free Programs with Strings Attached (Mar 22, 2002, 08:00)
    "Some software industry experts believe that by integrating open source software into their infrastructure, companies are wandering into a legal minefield..."

  • Linux Scheduler Latency (Mar 22, 2002, 01:00)
    "In this whitepaper on Linux Scheduler Latency, Clark Williams of Red Hat Inc. compares the performance of two popular ways to improve kernel Linux preemption latency -- the preemption patch pioneered by MontaVista and the low-latency patch pioneered by Ingo Molnar -- and discovers that the best approach might be a combination of both."