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Developer Linux News for May 28, 2002

  • InfoWorld: All Things Under the Sun (2002-05-28 20:30:51)
    "Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's chief strategy officer, on July 1 will assume the role of executive vice president of software and will inherit a set of major challenges. In particular, Schwartz needs to put Sun's Linux house in order, get IT managers excited about a range of products marketed under the Sun ONE (Open Net Environment) banner, and recapture the industry momentum the company has lost in the wake of being late to embrace and understand Web services..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Basics for Adopting Linux/Open Source (2002-05-28 17:30:24)
    "Despite the recent sucesses of Linux adoption in the marketplace, you can't just wave a magic wand and make Linux appear on all of your company's desktops. Software change in an organization is something that takes time, planning, and lots of patience. Brian Proffitt puts on his configuration/change management hat and walks through some of the procedural basics in getting a Linux test-bed started in your company..."

  • KernelTrap.org: BitKeeper Author Larry McVoy Interviewed (2002-05-28 16:00:20)
    "KernelTrap has spoken with Larry McVoy, BitMover founder and primary BitKeeper author. BitKeeper, a distributed source control system, has been adopted by Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds and condemned by free software icon Richard Stallman..."

  • ZDNet: Sun's StarOffice No Longer Free (2002-05-28 13:00:35)
    A few more details on Sun's discontinuation of free downloads of StarOffice 5.2, first reported on Linux Today this weekend, plus a look at the recently announced move to bundle StarOffice 6.0 with Ximian Desktop.

  • LinuxPR: SOT, MySQL, and EFFi Team Up to Oppose Software Patents (2002-05-28 12:00:49)
    "National governments within the European Union (EU) are preparing for negotiations over a proposed EU directive that could allow software patents within Europe. SOT has joined forces with MySQL AB and local lobby group Electronic Frontier Finland (EFFi) to file a statement to the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industrial Affairs opposing the EU commission's proposal..."

  • Adobe Quietly Releases Acrobat Reader 5.05 for Linux (2002-05-28 11:00:52)
    "Version 5.05 of the Acrobat Reader by Adobe is available for immediate download for the Linux and Solaris platforms..."

  • ZDNet UK: Linux Gets Bluetooth (2002-05-28 09:00:13)
    "Support for Bluetooth has been added to the Linux development kernel, a step toward native Bluetooth support in upcoming releases of the Linux operating system..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, May 27, 2002 (2002-05-28 05:00:30)
    This holiday weekend's apps: libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.191, GNOME Games, Encompass, Tenes Empanadas Graciela v0.10.0, GnomeMeeting 0.92.1, at-poke-0.1.0, ORBit-0.5.16, Yelp 0.9, gedit 1.121.0, GNOME Applets 1.104.0, libgnomeprint 1.114.0, and libgnomeprintui 1.114.0.

  • Release Digest: KDE, May 27, 2002 (2002-05-28 05:00:00)
    This holiday weekend's KDE apps: KLogic 1.352, QCad 1.4.12, KYatzy 0.4, QVV 0.16, KYatzy 0.2, KGLCube 0.6.1, KS8085 0.7.0, Direct Connect 4 Linux 0.1beta6, K3b 0.7, KFli4L 1.0, French Foreign Region 1.0, GGZ KDE Games 0.0.5, GGZ KDE Client 0.0.5, LibChipCard 0.4.2, KShowmail 3.0.1, SQMixer 0.6, Kpictorial 0.8, KFeeder 0.06, KVerbos 1.05, Section 1 Script 0.2.4, KBruch 0.19, FindItNIX 1.0.2, KMusicChoice 0.2, French Foreign Region 1.0.1, GILT 0.3.2, EDK 0.0.2, and Scribus 0.7.3.