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Developer Linux News for Sep 14, 2002

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.22-rc3 (Sep 14, 2002, 17:39)
    Changelog, link within.

  • Linux Journal: The Toshiba Standoff (Sep 14, 2002, 05:30)
    "A disgruntled laptop buyer demands an OS refund and is told 'see you in court...'"

  • The Age: Microsoft Rivals Return to the Fray Armed with Linux (Sep 14, 2002, 04:00)
    "In the biggest development, Microsoft arch-rival Sun Microsystems Inc next week plans to announce its first fully fledged commitment to Linux on desktop PCs..."

  • NewsForge: Perens on Sincere Choice Political Push and What's Next for Him (Sep 14, 2002, 02:30)
    "But Perens has also been getting coverage for his Sincere Choice initiative, a political platform responding to the Microsoft-backed Initiative for Software Choice, with 'choice' meaning customers should be able to choose either proprietary software or ... proprietary software. It's kind of like the old joke about music choices in the rural United States: 'We like both kinds of music out here, country and western...'"

  • OSNews: Building a Gentoo Linux for All (Sep 14, 2002, 01:00)
    "However, on my personal experience with Gentoo since this April, there were more than 10 distinct cases where updating the system or libraries it broke other packages or even the system. And at the end of the day, Portage is not an easy to use system..."