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Developer Linux News for Nov 01, 2002

  • Release Digest: KDE, November 1, 2002 (2002-11-01 23:30:30)
    Today's KDE apps: KAlarm2 0.8.1, Tipograf 0.4, Process View Browser 1.1, FlexMS 0.1, KFish :: KAquarium 0.9, KitClasses 1.0.1, Abgad The Editor 1.0, KBarcode 0.5.7, and Renamer 0.93.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, November 1, 2002 (2002-11-01 23:30:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: gtkmm 2.0.0, Workrave 1.0.0, Inti-GConf 1.0 Beta-1, GNOME Accessibility Themes 0.3, gnomemm 1.3.11, ReciteWord 0.8.0, GStreamer 0.4.2

  • Linux and Main: Linus the Referee Considers Last-Minute Kernel Additions (2002-11-01 16:00:42)
    "As the feature freeze approaches for what will become either Linux-2.6 or Linux-3.0, Linus Torvalds has offered views on some submitted features and asked for more information on others, sparking discussion of some major and minor changes that could appear in the new kernel..."

  • Linux Magazine: The Capitalist in the Penguin Suit (2002-11-01 13:00:34)
    "While most Unix vendors have been eager to present a friendly face towards the Linux community in public, McNealy has downplayed its importance. He mockingly refers to IBM's altruistically hued 'Peace, love and Linux,' marketing campaign as 'Peace, dope, and Linux...'"

  • OSNews: Linux, And the Path to the Desktop (2002-11-01 10:00:44)
    A network manager at the Gray Cancer Research Trust evaluates Linux and it compares it with Windows in the support and deployment departments.

  • OSDir.com: Interview with Bram Moolenaar of VIM Fame on His New Project A-A-P (2002-11-01 08:30:24)
    "The man who brought you VIM is working on a new project to make face time with your computer that much more pleasant: A-A-P. With A-A-P's .01 release announcement this past week OSDir.com caught up to Bram to talk about A-A-P and to see if this will be as big as VIM..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, October 31, 2002 (2002-11-01 05:00:30)
    Today's KDE apps: Renamer 0.93, QtX3 0.3, Qvcd 0.2, BibleTime 1.2.2, KMess 0.9.7, arson 0.9.7, and kio_iso 0.1.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, October 31, 2002 (2002-11-01 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME app: GTK-Lsof 0.9.8.

  • Dave Jones: What to Expect in Linux 2.5 (2002-11-01 02:30:30)
    Kernel maintainer Dave Jones has released v0.2 of the Post-Halloween Document, which details the features that should be present in the 2.5 release of the Linux kernel.

  • Internetnews.com: Opera Releases FreeBSD Version, Updates Linux (2002-11-01 02:30:00)
    "Officials also announced a browser update for Linux users on Intel and PowerPC machines, version 6.1. Opera 6.02 for Linux was released back in July, only two months after Opera 6.0 was announced..."