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Developer Linux News for Apr 29, 2003

  • Linux Journal: Inteview with Matthias Ettrich (2003-04-29 13:00:59)
    "Matthias Ettrich is the creator of the KDE desktop environment. [In this article], Aleksey Dolya interviews Matthias about the process of creating KDE and what he's up to these days..."

  • CyberNautix: Why People Write Open Source Software (2003-04-29 11:00:34)
    "I frequently puzzle over how to explain why great programmers go to the trouble of creating fine software and then give it away. 'How could the software possibly be any good,' people reason, 'if they don't want to sell it...?'"

  • Linux and Main: A Linux Application That Isn't (2003-04-29 09:00:02)
    "Given the proliferation of Linux software (as any pass through SourceForge or the CDs in a modern Linux distribution demonstrates), it's surprising to find one application category for which there appears to be no entry, none at all..." [Link repaired. -ed.]

  • Kernel Traffic #214 by Zack Brown (2003-04-29 05:00:30)
    Community Roundup: The latest message traffic from the Linux kernel mailing list.

  • dot.KDE.org: KDE Developers' Conference 2003: Initial Announcement (2003-04-29 05:00:20)
    "The conference kicks off on Friday the 22nd of August and will take place at the Zamek ('Castle') in Nove Hrady in the southern part of the Czech Republic in Central Europe..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, April 28, 2003 (2003-04-29 05:00:10)
    Today's GNOME apps: Terminal Server Client 0.106, Gringotts 1.2.7, Gnome Pilot 2.0.6, Gnome Pilot Conduits 2.0.6, gcalctool 4.2.83, and gnometab 0.7.4.

  • Release Digest: General, April 28, 2003 (2003-04-29 05:00:00)
    Today's general app: Open Webmail version 2.01.