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Developer Linux News for Aug 22, 2003

  • The Age: Why SCO's Attack on the GPL Will Fail (2003-08-22 10:00:58)
    "SCO, in its ever-twisting, ever-turning battle to remain in the press release TOP 40 has trotted out the concept of trying to invalidate the GNU General Public License... Does SCO have any chance of succeeding...?"

  • WebSphere Developer Domain: Understanding Web Services (2003-08-22 07:00:00)
    "This article describes the Service Web, outlines the key standards of SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, and discusses new tools for developing Web services..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, August 21, 2003 (2003-08-22 05:00:30)
    Today's KDE apps: kamix 0.1pre1, SuperKaramba 0.30, cuckooo 0.1, iOta 0.7, Slibo 0.4, KBarcode 1.4.1, kamix 0.1pre2, Direct Connect 4 Linux 0.2.18, and Ecamegapedal 0.4.3.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, August 21, 2003 (2003-08-22 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: GDM (stable), GDM (unstable), gtkmm 2.2.6, and Straw 0.19.1.