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Developer Linux News for May 25, 2004

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Torvalds: Code Development Process Still 'Fine' (May 25, 2004, 15:15)
    "The Developer's Certificate of Origin (DCO) requires developers to sign off on their contributions before they are considered for inclusion in the kernel. In this e-mail exchange, Torvalds explains why this step is necessary..."

  • New York Times: R.I.P.: The Counterculture Aura of Linux (May 25, 2004, 13:45)
    "Linux, the free operating system once seen as a symbol of a computing counterculture, is becoming a mainstream technology and is being forced to behave more like one..." More on the new kernel tracking process. [Registration required, alternate link within. -ed]

  • Mad Penguin: An Interview with CodeWeavers Fouder Jeremy White (May 25, 2004, 10:00)
    "With the recent release of CrossOver Office 3... we thought it might be interesting to have a chat with the man responsible for it's creation. Jeremy White is the founder and CEO of CodeWeavers, Inc., the company who develops and distributes CrossOver Office..."

  • Builder AU: Open Source for Developer Mindshare? (May 25, 2004, 08:30)
    "One way to get developers to use a technology is to offer it at no cost . While free in the sense of beer is easy on the pocket, is it freedom of use developers crave...?"

  • developerWorks: Minimizing Privileges (May 25, 2004, 06:00)
    "The article discusses not only some of the traditional UNIX-like mechanisms for privileges, but some of the newer mechanisms like the FreeBSD jail(), the Linux Security Modules (LSM) framework, and Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, May 24, 2004 (May 25, 2004, 05:00)
    Today's KDE apps: K3b 0.11.10, KAlarm 1.1.0b3, Apollon 0.9.4-1, KVirc 3.0.0, Tina32 - This is not Aida32 24.04.04, KHacc 3.0, QHacc 3.0, kdecvs-build 0.61, kphotools 0.1.1, KWirelessMonitor 0.2.0, KXDocker 0.19, and KPS 0.1.

  • DistroWatch: Distributions, May 24, 2004 (May 25, 2004, 05:00)
    Today's distributions: YES Linux 2.0.8 and Guadalinex 2004 Alpha.

  • NewsForge: Where Should You Use Open Source? A Scenario-Based Analysis (May 25, 2004, 01:00)
    "This was the title of the last session I attended at GigaWorld 2004 last week..."