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Developer Linux News for Sep 25, 2004

  • OSDir: An Interview with Tom Lord of Arch (2004-09-25 23:00:54)
    "Version control systems are a tool close to any programmer's heart and a lot has been made of advancements in Subversion, but there is another version control system out there..."

  • ZDNet UK: India Shares Open-Source Experience (2004-09-25 21:00:19)
    "India's National Informatics Center has launched a Web site to share the government's experiences with open-source software..."

  • Schrock: Analysts on OpenSolaris (2004-09-25 05:00:27)
    "I thought I'd look at some of the quotes and respond, as a Solaris kernel developer, and explain what OpenSolaris really means and why we're doing it..."

  • Libervis: Free Software and Programmers Exploitation (2004-09-25 01:00:48)
    "My goal with this article is to define the reasons and motivations for which programmers develop free software and determine if the worry of them becoming the new exploited class of the IT age is well founded..."