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Developer Linux News for Sep 27, 2004

  • ONLamp: The Case for Open Source/Closed Standards (2004-09-27 23:30:31)
    "There's been some debate recently on the license-discuss list hosted by the OSI on how to release code as open source while still requiring that it be compatible with a test suite that must be distributed as part of the code..."

  • Solaris vs. Linux Debate Continues (2004-09-27 22:45:21)
    Greg Kroah-Hartman and Eric Schrock have engaged in an interesting back-and-forth on their respective blogs on the virtues of development and technology of their favorite platforms. Links within.

  • Silicon.com: Agenda Setters 2004: Open Source Takes Off (2004-09-27 20:30:29)
    "Open source is no longer just about Linus Torvalds. He's always been the highest-ranked--and sometimes only--member of this community on the poll, which he's graced every year since its inception in 2000..."

  • CXOtoday: Open Source Hero Proves The Power Of Tux (2004-09-27 20:00:35)
    "This is a story of guts and glory--a classic tale of a lone software developer who attempted the unimaginable. Faced with an extreme challenge, he was attacked from almost every possible angle..."

  • Andrew Morton: Linux 2.6.9-rc2-mm4 (2004-09-27 12:15:02)
    Changelog, links within.