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Developer Linux News for Jan 18, 2005

  • Nat.org: Evolution for Windows (2005-01-18 17:00:07)
    "I am thrilled to announce that we recently hired Tor Lillqvist into the Novell Desktop group..."

  • NewsForge: GaDuGi and Free Software Share One Fire (2005-01-18 15:15:25)
    "Recently Linux Business Week ran a story entitled 'Cherokee Indians To Encircle Open Source? Or How the GPL Might Wind Up with Arrows Sticking in It.' Luckily, author Maureen O'Gara seems to have the story all wrong..."

  • ONLamp: Meeting User Requirements--How Free Software Achieves Quality (2005-01-18 11:30:53)
    "Most observers see free software development as a vine--and not a particularly pretty one..."

  • ONLamp: The Future of Mono! (2005-01-18 02:30:52)
    "Many people believe that the future of Mono is very bright, I know I'm one of them. Specifically, they believe that Mono will become a very popular software development platform for Linux..."

  • LXer: Free Software in Reality Isn't Free (2005-01-18 01:00:10)
    "Linux when [it] first appeared though did manage to make quite a good name for it, however failed to live-up to its reputation in the years to follow..."