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Developer Linux News for Jan 28, 2005

  • Groklaw: Patent Questions About the CDDL (2005-01-28 21:15:54)
    "Because none of us can know our future for sure, and we never know when we'll be hit by a truck or a tsunami or something, I feel I need to explain the hole to you now..."

  • LWN: European Software Patent Update (2005-01-28 19:45:04)
    "On 24 September 2003, after 19 months of consideration, the European Parliament voted on the software patent directive, and made substantial amendments to exclude patents on pure software and business methods..."

  • iTnews: Wanted: Volunteers to Translate Linux Documentation (2005-01-28 18:15:12)
    "Open-source provider Linspire is looking for volunteers to translate Linux applications into 78 different languages..."

  • internetnews.com: Looking For Open Source Work? So is Google. (2005-01-28 16:00:39)
    "If you've got an understanding of free and open source software licensing, project management skills and experience with Sourceforge.net, Google may be looking for you..."

  • Heise Online: Qt 3.3.4 Removes Bugs, Qt 4 to Come Later (2005-01-28 11:30:41)
    "The Norwegian software company Trolltech has released a further bugfix update for the 3.3 series of the graphic C++ toolkit Qt..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, January 27, 2005 (2005-01-28 04:45:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: MudMagic Mud Client 1.5, Drivel 1.2.4, PythonCAD DS1-R22, Beagle 0.0.5, UPS monitor 0.7, RPMView 0.1, Joystick control 0.1, Preferences Hide and Seek 0.2.0, ListPatron 0.1.1, Griffon editor 1.4, and Gnome 2 Mtel 0.2.