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Developer Linux News for Apr 15, 2005

  • Editor's Note: Here Comes the Backlash (2005-04-15 23:30:26)
    "I saw something interesting this week; something that made me wonder if there is a counterrevolution starting in the Linux community..."

  • The Register: 'Cool it, Linus' - Bruce Perens (2005-04-15 22:45:51)
    "With Andrew Tridgell silent, apparently on legal advice, open source community leader Bruce Perens has stepped up to defend the work Tridgell did reverse engineering the protocols used by Bitkeeper..."

  • Techworld: Munich Chooses Two Local Linux Suppliers (2005-04-15 19:00:11)
    "Softcon and Gonicus, which submitted a joint bid, were selected to install open source software provided through the Debian GNU/Linux project..."

  • Murdock: Componentized Linux: Roadmap and Future Plans (2005-04-15 16:45:55)
    "I'm pleased to announce that, beginning in July 2005, Componentized Linux will become a fully supported Progeny product..."

  • The Register: Torvalds Knifes Tridgell (2005-04-15 14:30:19)
    "Torvalds accuses Tridgell of playing dirty tricks with his proprietary source code tool of choice, Bitkeeper and destabilizing the product. These are serious accusations to make..."

  • iTWeb: Olympiad Gets Open Source Angle (2005-04-15 07:00:32)
    "The focus of the 22nd Annual Computer Olympiad, supported by the Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA) and Standard Bank, has shifted to the open source programming language Python..."

  • OSDir: To Evil! April '05 Edition (2005-04-15 04:00:55)
    "Del.icio.us is a popular site, whence your favourite URLs may be stored and shared with others, and ascribed with 'tags,' which are just like metadata, only you don't have to spit quite as forcefully when you say the word..."