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Developer Linux News for Nov 03, 2005

  • Drobe: PC Card Software Released Under GPL (2005-11-03 21:30:56)
    "The sources to Aleph1's PC card software are now available online..."

  • Nokia Busts Some Open Source Moves (2005-11-03 17:30:16)
    New open source browser. New open source development portal. More open source goodness from Finland, as the articles within reveal.

  • LXer: Lycoris, Mandriva Fumble Source Code Release (2005-11-03 15:15:50)
    "A recent post on OSNews.com raised questions about the availability of GPL'ed source code from the former Lycoris distribution. Accusations have flown both ways and much confusion has ensued, leaving many concerned about whether the source code will ever be made available..."

  • Moglen Downplays Risks, Plays Up GPL 3.0 (2005-11-03 14:30:19)
    Open Source Business Conference: One speech, two takes. FSF General Counsel Eben Moglen's speech yesterday described the decreasing risks of using open source software, and outlined how the GPL 3.0 process works. Articles within.

  • LinuxDevices: A Technical Introduction to MiniGUI (2005-11-03 08:30:41)
    "This article describes the features and capabilities of MiniGUI, a lightweight graphics framework for embedded systems based on uClinux, Linux, eCos, or proprietary real-time OSes..."

  • The Concept of "Interfaces" (2005-11-03 02:00:48)
    "Novell recently released some video of 'usability' testing featuring 11 people who were familiar with Windows trying to accomplish various tasks under the Linux Desktop. Now, to me, that doesn't sound really effective..."