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Developer Linux News for Jan 26, 2006

  • Rudd-O: A Summary of the Threats to Our Way of Life (2006-01-26 23:30:00)
    "The world of software is under heavy attack, from three distinct fronts..."

  • Gentium: An Award-Winning Font Joins the Free Software World (2006-01-26 19:30:02)
    "Gentium is something new in fonts. Its design is a mixture of the practical and aesthetically pleasing..."

  • eWeek: GPL 3's DRM Provisions Raise Eyebrows (2006-01-26 18:15:09)
    "The first draft discussion document for the next version of the GNU General Public License has only just been released, but some businesses are already expressing concern about its digital rights management provisions..."

  • NewsForge: Linus Says No to GPLv3 (2006-01-26 13:45:11)
    "Linus Torvalds has weighed in on the debate over the draft of version 3 of the GPL in a post on the Linux Kernel Mailing List..."

  • Mad Penguin: File System Design Part 1: XFS (2006-01-26 13:00:33)
    "Generally, file systems are not considered 'sexy.' When a young programmer wants to do something really cool, his or her first thought is generally not 'Dude, two words... File System...'"

  • LinuxDevices: Tools Debug Linux Shared Libraries on ARM (2006-01-26 09:15:46)
    "American Arium has updated its flagship debugger for ARM-architecture processors, adding Linux shared libraries debug support for ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Intel XScale, and TI OMAP cores..."

  • developerWorks: Explore the Linux Memory Model (2006-01-26 05:30:45)
    "Understanding the memory models used in Linux is the first step to grasping Linux design and implementation on a grander scale, so this gives you an introductory-level tour of Linux memory models and management..."

  • ZDNet: Can You Have a GPLv2-Only License? (2006-01-26 00:30:10)
    "In talking about the Free Software Foundation's move from Version 2 to Version 3 of the GPL, I pointed out that Section 9 of Version 2 provided for automatic updating of the license..."