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Developer Linux News for Mar 22, 2006

  • ConsortiumInfo: Microsoft Joins the ODF/ISO Reconciliation Committee (2006-03-22 17:30:29)
    "The reason why this is significant bears a bit of explaining, because the global standard setting infrastructure is rather complex, and also has a bit of history that is worth understanding..."

  • Forbes: Free vs. Open (2006-03-22 16:00:46)
    In an interview by e-mail with Forbes, Stallman says freedom is more important to him than popularity. [Part 2 of Forbes' interview with RMS.]

  • Free Software Magazine: Reports from PyCON 2006 (2006-03-22 11:30:15)
    "Recurring themes at this year's PyCON2006 Python conference, in Dallas, Texas, included quality control techniques for Python (testing methods), and interoperable content management systems..."

  • Linux Journal: Welcome to The Gemcutter's Workshop (2006-03-22 07:00:59)
    "Our new Ruby column brings you Ruby community news, plus detailed coverage of a single topic. First up, tools for Test-First development..."