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Developer Linux News for Dec 06, 2006

  • Callion.blog: Mozilla Corp. to Work More Closely with Linux Distributors (2006-12-06 21:00:04)
    "The browser on Linux is currently in a sad state of affairs. Basically, there is a huge disconnect amongst browser distributors..."

  • SunMink: Will Sun Use GPLv3? (2006-12-06 19:00:05)
    "Over the last few weeks, I have had a few people ask me why Sun didn't choose GPL v3 for Freeing the Java platform. 'Does this mean you're siding with Linus?' they have asked me..."

  • Linux-Watch: Novell's OpenOffice.org is Not a Fork (2006-12-06 18:00:05)
    "Wakey, wakey, let's look at the facts, shall we? I've heard from several people in the last day that Novell's support for Open XML in OpenOffice.org 2 represents a fork in the code. Ah... no, I don't think so..."