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Developer Linux News for Dec 20, 2006

  • internetnews.com: Google Data Joins PHP Zend Framework (2006-12-20 21:00:44)
    "With more than 200,000 downloads in just over a year, the Zend Framework for writing Web applications in PHP has emerged as an enterprise challenger to Java and .NET..."

  • CNET News: Say What? Debian Developers are 'Childish' (2006-12-20 20:30:36)
    "Andreas Barth and fellow Debian version 4 release manager Steve Langasek probably predicted a little bit of resentment from fellow contributors to the Linux project when they set up an 'experiment' help fund their efforts..."

  • Electronics Weekly: Start-Ups Ride the Open Source Design Wave (2006-12-20 18:30:28)
    "Ever since computing became part of our lives, the core elements of the computer were the keys to riches. Originally, IBM dominated this space with proprietary mainframes..."

  • Trolltech: Trolltech Releases Qtopia 4.2.0 (2006-12-20 18:00:50)
    "Trolltech, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced the release of Qtopia 4.2.0..."

  • Linux.com: Fedora Summit Offers Road Map for Community-Wide Changes (2006-12-20 17:00:01)
    "When a group of Red Hat Fedora developers, engineers, and mangers got together last month for a three-day summit in Westford, Mass., the goal was to establish short- and long-term plans for future Fedora projects..."

  • LWN: A Draft Fedora 7 Plan (2006-12-20 14:30:03)
    "Hey, F7 needs a plan. So here's one. It's not in taskjuggler or MrProject. Nor does it have pretty gantt charts. Those can be added by those that care about such things..."