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Developer Linux News for Jan 31, 2007

  • Newsfactor: Is Open Source Superior? (2007-01-31 23:30:47)
    "Can you improve your IQ? Can you improve it by a factor of thousands? That might seem like the pipe dream of some overzealous geneticist. But in truth, it's the promise--and perhaps the power--of the open source movement..."

  • Groklaw: A Brave New Modular World--Another MS Patent Application (2007-01-31 16:45:26)
    "The patent is not interesting for its technical content--all the building blocks of the described system have been used for some time now--but for the glimpse it offers into the business model envisaged by the applicant..."

  • CNET News: IBM Tunes Up for Jazz Open-Source Project (2007-01-31 16:00:20)
    "IBM is working on an open-source project called Jazz to promote programming tools for globally distributed teams..."

  • KernelTrap: Interview: Jens Axboe (2007-01-31 13:00:44)
    "In this interview, Jens talks about how he got interested in Linux, how he became the maintainer of the block layer and other block devices, and what's involved in being a maintainer..."

  • DevX: Detect Your Web Application's Vulnerabilities Early with Ruby (2007-01-31 11:30:56)
    "Web application fuzzing is a method of detecting a web application's vulnerabilities prior to deploying the application on a production system..."