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Developer Linux News for Mar 01, 2007

  • Linux.com: Upcoming PHP Release Will Offer Unicode Support (2007-03-01 19:00:43)
    "Since March 2005, he has been working with about 20 other developers to add Unicode support to version 6.0 of PHP. Now their efforts are nearing an alpha release..."

  • LWN: Who Wrote 2.6.20? (2007-03-01 18:15:01)
    "...[Y]our editor hacked up some scripts to do a lot of digging around in the kernel git repository. The idea was that, by looking at who is putting changes into the kernel, we can get a sense for where our source is coming from..."

  • ConsortiumInfo: The OOXML Contradictions Disclosed (2007-03-01 15:15:19)
    "As you'll recall, I had been told that the majority of these responses were critical, while Microsoft had downplayed them, suggesting that most or many were either neutral, or in fact 'laudatory...'"

  • Linux.com: Portrait: Brian Aker, Database Strategist (2007-03-01 12:15:32)
    "'I'm not interested in the more academic aspects of computing,' says Brian Aker, director of architecture at MySQL..."

  • Free Software Magazine: Wrapping Up PyCON 2007 (2007-03-01 10:45:18)
    "I first heard about Chaco when I was working at Caltech, supporting scientific software there..."

  • developerWorks: XML for PHP Developers, Part 1 (2007-03-01 05:30:14)
    "If you've never before worked with XML in PHP or have not yet made the jump to PHP5, this starter guide to working with new functionality available in PHP5 for XML might persuade you just how easy to work with XML can be..."