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Developer Linux News for May 08, 2007

  • Supporting Open Source While Opposing Copyright (May 08, 2007, 21:45) "The piece's most obvious problem is its conflation of copyright with 'creditright...'"

  • How to Kill Open Source (May 08, 2007, 21:00)
    ZDNet: "...[M]any in the open source community are under the mistaken impression that the war is over and they won..."

  • Meek Not Geek--Interview with Michael Meeks of (May 08, 2007, 19:30)
    Tux Deluxe: "One of these is Michael Meeks, a Cambridge graduate who began his Linux career at GNOME desktop start-up Ximian, and now works as part of Novell's team..."

  • Interview with Simon Phipps (May 08, 2007, 16:30)
    Linux Journal: "Simon Phipps defends the open-source roots of Sun and the GPL-ization of Java..."

  • Open Source Goals Outlined in Report (May 08, 2007, 15:45)
    Application Development Trends: "For instance, participants noted a growing similarity in methods between open-source and proprietary software development. They predicted some kind of convergence, where the best of both approaches gets adopted in each camp..."

  • Novell Linux Desktop Architect Goes to Google (May 08, 2007, 14:15)
    DesktopLinux: "On May 4, Robert Love resigned as chief architect of Novell's Linux desktop efforts. He has since announced that he has accepted a position at Google..."

  • Promise Kept: Sun Delivers Open Source Java (May 08, 2007, 13:30) "Sun Microsystems today will announce it's released a fully buildable Java Development Kit for Java Platform Standard Edition under the GNU General Public License version 2..."

  • "Spare Cycles" or Selfless Souls? (May 08, 2007, 01:30)
    The NeoSmart Files: "...[D]o people actually believe that open source exists only because we [the developers, the contributors, the testers, the documenters, and just about everyone else involved in the process] are too bored and have nothing better to be doing...?!"

  • Should Copyright Be Abolished? (May 08, 2007, 00:45)
    Brain Handles: "The problem with a large part of the anti-copyright crowd is that they don't understand or won't admit what copyright entails as a concept..."

  • Rampant Layering Syndrome (May 08, 2007, 00:00)
    ars technica: "I won't repeat Jeff's long rebuttal here, but suffice it to say that I've long seen the Linux community's inability to design, plan, and act in a holistic manner (i.e., 'across layers') as its greatest weakness..."