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Developer Linux News for Jul 18, 2007

  • Who Really Owns Your Open Source Code? (2007-07-18 23:15:50)
    Builder AU: "In the wake of Apple's purchase of CUPS, there is a simple lesson to take away--if you are a developer committed to open source and you wish for your contributions to always remain open, do not reassign copyright to an external party..."

  • Linux: Looking Toward 2.4.35 (2007-07-18 19:30:21)
    KernelTrap: "The 2.4 stable kernel tree has been maintained by Willy Tarreau for a year, since July of 2006. When recently asked if the tree had been abandoned, Willy replied, 'no it's not abandoned at all...!"

  • Linux: Discussing Hibernation Requirements (2007-07-18 10:30:56)
    KernelTrap: "'Since many alternative approaches to hibernation are now being considered and discussed,' Rafael Wysocki began on the lkml, 'I thought it might be a good idea to list some things that in my not so humble opinion should be taken care of by any hibernation framework...'"

  • Linux: Moving and Changing Code (2007-07-18 08:15:11)
    KernelTrap: "In response to a recent merge request, Linus Torvalds explained a best practice when moving and changing code, 'when doing renames it is generally *much* nicer to do a 100% rename...'"

  • Installing The PHP-MemCache Module On CentOS 5.0 (2007-07-18 05:15:39)
    HowtoForge: "'MemCached' is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load..."

  • Thank You, GDB! (2007-07-18 03:00:45)
    ONLamp: "I program in C very reluctantly. I don't hate the language, but it occupies a curious niche between assembly language..."

  • The Linus Files, Part Two: Torvalds Says GPLv3 Backers Full Of "Hot Air" (2007-07-18 01:30:26)
    InformationWeek: A few readers complained I had not provided a complete picture of Torvald's feelings. They were right. He also thinks FSF leaders are 'controlling,' 'condescending,' and full of 'hot air...'"