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Developer Linux News for Jul 19, 2007

  • Open Standards Beat Microsoft 13 to 4 (2007-07-19 19:00:45)
    Tectonic: "Microsoft's plans of having its OOXML document format accepted as a [South African] national standard were thwarted by a conclusive vote against the move in a meeting yesterday..."

  • Menhir--Here to Share the Wisdom of the Four Linuxes (2007-07-19 18:30:36)
    Softpedia: "I have recently heard of an ambitious project, called Menhir, which targets the noble idea of bringing Linux closer to its users and providing more information on each of its aspects..."

  • Open Source Developers Calling for the Next Desktop Revolution (2007-07-19 18:00:12)
    derStandard.at: "During his opening speech at the GNOME Developers conference GUADEC Jono Bacon, community manager for the Ubuntu distribution, called for a common vision inside the project..."

  • Notes from Portugal on the July 16th Meeting on Ecma-376 (2007-07-19 13:30:02)
    Groklaw: "I feel safe in saying that you will never hear the phrase 'fast tracking' again, without remembering what you are about to read..."

  • Linux: PlugSched, Pluggable CPU Schedulers (2007-07-19 07:30:40)
    KernelTrap: "Updating the pluggable scheduler patches for the 2.6.22 kernel, Peter Williams noted, 'probably the last one now that CFS is in the main line...'"

  • Hacking the TomTom ONE Through Open Source (2007-07-19 06:45:07)
    iTWire: "Gadget geeks worldwide are collaborating to make the ubiquitous TomTom GO portable satellite navigation system more useful..."

  • Linux: CFS and Nice (2007-07-19 06:00:39)
    KernelTrap: "The recently merged Completely Fair Scheduler changes how the Linux kernel handles scheduling priorities set with the nice command..."

  • "Owning" a Trademark--The SugarCRM et al License Debate (2007-07-19 03:00:20)
    Groklaw: "There is a discussion going on at SugarCRM's forum page, 'Why the Sugar license is mad, bad and may be dangerous...'"