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Developer Linux News for Sep 21, 2007

  • Who's Writing Linux? (2007-09-21 22:00:40)
    LinuxWorld: "The Linux kernel project's "git" revision control tool offers up some numbers on which developers, and which companies, contributed the most code to Linux, and who's reviewing other people's code..."

  • Linux Rage Looks Likely (2007-09-21 17:00:46)
    DaniWeb: "The good news for Linux loving first person shooter fans is that the man himself, John Carmack, has responded..."

  • MadWifi Developers Move to ath5k (2007-09-21 16:00:19)
    LWN: "We, the MadWifi team, announce our decision to move away from the binary-only HAL and change the focus of our future development towards ath5k..."

  • OSI Calls for Major Revisions to Microsoft Permissive License (2007-09-21 12:45:39)
    eWeek: "Critics say the Microsoft Permissive License is restrictive and incompatible with too many other open-source licenses..."

  • Great Linux Sites for Developers (2007-09-21 09:00:24)
    LinuxInsider: "What's a poor, lonely Linux developer to do? Where are all the good support sites? How am I going to fix that troublesome bug...?"

  • Parley is the New KVocTrain (2007-09-21 06:45:29)
    Blue-GNU: "KVocTrain is very old. It started about 1999 and was actively developed until about 2001..."

  • Remember When Men Were Men and Wrote Their Own Device Drivers? (2007-09-21 02:15:02)
    InfoWorld: "If you have the chops, your open source software project should lead and inform your commercial product. Red Hat and Ubuntu have done this brilliantly..."