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Developer Linux News for Sep 25, 2007

  • Survey: Developers Slow to Adopt GPLv3 (2007-09-25 19:00:58)
    eWeek: "Developers cite restrictions and a clause forbidding patent infringement suits as key reasons..."

  • 2.6.23-rc8, "Getting Close" (2007-09-25 13:30:38)
    KernelTrap: "'Ok, I think I'm getting close to releasing a real 2.6.23,' began Linus Torvalds in his release announcement for the eighth release candidate of the upcoming 2.6.23 kernel..."

  • 7 Reasons I Switched Back to PHP After 2 Years on Rails (2007-09-25 09:30:24)
    O'Reilly Ruby: "I spent two years trying to make Rails do something it wasn't meant to do, then realized my old abandoned language (PHP, in my case) would do just fine if approached with my new Rails-gained wisdom.."

  • Vamp the Linux LAMP with PHP (2007-09-25 07:30:01)
    iTWire: "One key driver of free and open source software is the LAMP paradigm--cleverly named after the systems it embraces--Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP..."

  • The Future of Open Source at Apple (2007-09-25 03:00:22)
    The Open Road: "So, yes, Apple incorporates open-source projects into its products. But its adoption of open source goes far beyond development...

  • Free and Open Source Software Developers Working for Free (Economics 101) (2007-09-25 01:00:39)
    Once More Unto the Breach: "One still occasionally hears people wonder why free and open source software developers 'work for free...'"

  • Linux "Unforked!" Mea Culpa! (2007-09-25 00:30:29)
    InfoWorld: "After much deliberation and review, I've decided to recant my previous blog entry. I no longer believe that the Linux kernel should be forked..."

  • Linux and its Identity Crisis (2007-09-25 00:00:25)
    CNET News: "If you've been following the current rift in the Linux community between Linus Torvalds and his minions squaring off against Con Kolivas and the mainstream Linux fanatics, you probably know that it's getting quite heated..."