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Developer Linux News for Oct 09, 2007

  • The Future of Hardware is Open Source (2007-10-09 21:45:48)
    Raiden's Realm: "What if we lived in a world where all hardware was open source, including CPU's, memory, motherboards, and all peripherals...?"

  • Thank You Michael, But No, Thank You... (2007-10-09 21:00:13)
    Groklaw: "First, OpenOffice.org *is* released under the LGPL. Second, and perhaps more interestingly, Novell did not deny that it was forking, aside from Michael Meeks trying to nuance and to minimize this claim..."

  • Making Sure Linux Doesn't Get Lost in Translation (2007-10-09 20:00:34)
    LinuxInsider: "The worldwide open source community shares a common overall goal: better software through collaboration and peer review..."

  • Some openSUSE 10.3 Misconceptions (2007-10-09 19:30:11)
    KDE Developer's Journals: "There are some misconceptions floating around about openSUSE 10.3. Unfortunately uninformed people are still allowed to blog so let me pick up some I read..."

  • Zend Brings Microsoft Into The PHP Fold (2007-10-09 18:30:47)
    internetnews.com: "PHP vendor Zend is set to kick off its annual ZendCon conference today with a number of announcements that will make the open source development language more attractive to Microsoft Windows platform users..."

  • Measuring Kernel Marker Overhead (2007-10-09 12:00:55)
    KernelTrap: 'It looks to be about 2.1% increase in time to do the make/mount/unmount operations with the marker patches in place and no blktrace operations...'"

  • HOWTO Make Gentoo Great (2007-10-09 02:00:47)
    Wouldn't It Be Nice...: "Gentoo is good. How do we make it great...?"